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The kind doctor who treats my father

September 18, 2017

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Dr. Choor Chee Ken is cardiac specialist of HUKM, also a lecturer. I'm currently attached to him for training. He taught us the skill of being a doc, he also ask questions to stimulate our thoughts.

According to other lecturer, Dr. Choor is a very busy cardiac specialist, he is able to operate angioplasty independently, not every specialist is capable to do so.

My friend said Dr. choor is an angel,  I think I have just experienced it! During CNY, my dad wasn't feeling well, having cough and fever at Seremban. ECG was done and suspected heart disease. I have learned the symptoms of heart diseases from classes, moreover my dad a diabetic and high BP for 6 years, he falls under the high risk group.

Dr. Choor told me before, if I have any question, don't hesitate to ask him. I was really worry about my dad, so I courageously went ahead to consult him.

The moment he knew the patient we discussed was my dad, immediately he wanted to meet him and give him a check up.
So far as I know, to meet specialist, we need referral letter through some complicated procedure, but because of Dr. choor's help, we saved a lot of trouble.

Dr. Choor's goodness can be seen by his care and thoughtfulness for the patients. He cares about patients' financial situation. While attaching to him, I witness how he helped patients to arrange a follow up clinic that is nearer to them, and helped patients to apply for welfare. He referred my dad to a PD's clinic which is more convenient to him, and request to change to a more effective medicine.

He even consoled my dad, asked him not to stress up. Just take care of diet and lifestyle, and he will be fine.

He jokingly said: a lot of patients who are fine came to see me also.
His sense of humor really calm my dad down.

Dr. Choor, thank you very much, you are the best doctor and lecturer i have ever met!!

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